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Quality Assurance

Soucy Belgen is recognized for the quality of its cast iron products and of its services, a fact that makes the entire team proud. Its ISO 9001:2008 certification is the hallmark of a rigorous control system. Continuous improvement programs and production management initiatives, such as Lean and Kaizen, ensure remarkable efficiency in terms of productivity, quality, time, and cost.

Quality Control

Each stage of production is controlled by experienced metallurgy engineers and technicians committed to offering you quality products.

  • MAGMASOFT Casting Simulation Software
  • Stringent control of raw materials
  • Analysis during production
    • Control with thermocouple of molten bath temperature
    • Control of the parameters of green sand and resin sand (no-bake)
    • Chemical spectrographic analysis
    • Physical analysis and elongation testing
  • Analysis of cast iron specimens
    • Testing for traction, hardness and resistance
  • Non-destructive testing on parts (as specified)
    • Control by visual inspection
    • Dimensional inspection
    • Metallography with microscope
    • Liquid penetrant testing
    • Ultrasonic testing
    • Dry and wet magnetic particle inspection (fluorescent)
    • Charpy impact test
  • Reporting as required by the client

For the application of stringent quality standards, Soucy Belgen's quality control program can be enhanced and customized to your specifications.

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